Kamis, 14 Februari 2013

Rumah Menulis @Bikin karya untuk bangsa

This is My Dream :

I want create a Socialpreneurship , yah!!! I want it !!!
With My Friend ,  begins from small Gathering, I talk in this Forum , end then I think this Idea ..

Idea about Rumah Menulis.

Rumah Menulis is Good Community, because We are want create commnuity which impact for Society.
Rumah Menulis is Building with Big Dream, and action with Great Work and have Big Output ...
Just for Society, not individu or  group ...

 Rumah Menulis can make a inspirasi for All Society, - for young, teacher, nurse , docktor , student, headmaster , Police , this is community for All, Open mind and not ever close

Because for Many Work need Many People ...

You can Join !!! :)

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