Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

My way ...

Hemm...this is night !!! I can smile and I can see tomorrow , why ? because I believe Allah, I believe My Dream , and I believe can get a good value from my participation in Mawapres Competition. In this night I pray to Allah, I said " Allah , I believe you , and I can do it because of You,  this is  last year for me, I must result good value in this competition.

In this time, I see my dream, yeah!! this is my dream, but I must hard work for result good value, hemm..this is not simple, but no excuse !!! no problem, challenges for me. I can do it!!!.

Allah, everyday I went have a new experience in my life, and I must join in Mawapres Competition. This is about myself , take it or you are say goodbye to this event..

Okey, last my word, ....

"If you want change this world, you must change with each your life" .

#My Way.   

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